Maxine Nicole Mamba
Age : 21 years old
Height : 5'6
Vital Stats : 34" - 25 " - 31"
Hometown : Marikina City, Philippines
Hobbies : Doing pilates, film making, swimming, reading, writing, cooking
Talents : Acting, singing
About me : "In life, I want to live, learn and leave a legacy. I am determined, can adapt easily to any situation, with a passion for learning and a purpose of inspiring the people through the media. I want to skydive once at least before I die or before I am too old for it. Relationships with people are of primary importance because I believe we are here to help each other. I dream in 3-act structures. I love making movies and would be happy doing anything in it that's why I am taking up Film at the University of the Philippines Film Institute."