Rachel Tan
Age : 19 years old
Height : 5'5
Vital Stats : 33" - 25" - 35"
Hometown : Makati City, Philippines
Hobbies : Reading, working, partying, surfing the net, writing
Talents : Singing, acting, swimming, volleyball, roller hockey
About me : "Music is my life. Never a day goes by without it. I go from house music to love songs. The lyrics of a song matters to me the most because the essence comes from there. I'm pretty much melodramatic. I write a lot. It's usually my outlet. I'm a workaholic and multi-tasker. Not much of a perfectionist, as long as everything gets done on time, I'm good with that. Don't get me wrong though because with everything I do I always give my 101% to it. I want to please everyone. And I can say you can call me an artist. I love art whether it be a movie, a song, a dance, nature, an article, etc. I am a production major and a marketing assistant for Elan Solutions. Everyday when I wake up I tell myself that I am here to make a difference."
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