Sheena Sy
Age : 24 years old
Height : 5'7
Vital Stats : 33" - 23" - 33"
Hometown : Makati City, Philippines
Hobbies : learning photography, creative writing and playing tennis
Talents : dancing, singing
About me : "I've been modeling for some years now while doing marketing work every now and then. What I like most about what I do is the excitement of always experiencing and learning something new and different. I love working with ideas and people - that's my passion. I dream of inspiring people, letting them know that they can always make things happen for them despite barriers. Believing in yourself is the most powerful tool. I also dream of owning my own restaurant, offering something new and affordable to an average Filipino. I already did the groundwork for the business and will definitely continue to make it happen in a few month's time. I'm a dreamer and I've realized that opportunities are limitless, you just have to seek them, never be afraid to explore things and make the most of everything that comes in your way. That's how I've always done it - proving what I can do in every opportunity I get."
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